Prop hunt is a famous TF2 mod-game mode. It normally uses a custom-made map and needs a plugin in order to play. Prop hunt as a gameplay idea and a concept has existed for greater than TF2. It basically exists in diverse forms in other source engine games. Lots of notably Gmod’s modes. For all severe purposes, TF2’s version of this Prop hunt has existed since 2009. Prop hunt began to become famous in July 2013. Today there are around forty Prop hunt servers running either part-time or full-time and you can get the information about servers on

So what is Prop hunt? It’s basically a type of game mode in which one team turn out to be props and hides in order to survive for a predefined time while other teams try to hunt them down. At beginning of each round one team is chosen as the prop teams while other team plays as hunters. Teams’ alternative rolls each round. Everybody equally plays both sides of those asymmetric game modes. The prop team becomes scouts automatically and cannot change class. They use mobility in order to reach out of a way hiding spots and along with the speed in order to avoid getting caught. The goal of a team known as a prop is to hide well enough or dodges and avoids numerous other teams that are adequate to survive until a time runs out. At that specific point if any of them are alive would end in form of a victory.

The props team begins as random props. Usually, they all appear as props that could be found already on a map. Few servers let prop players change what type of prop they’re during gameplay through a text command. When there’s only one single prop-player remaining everybody on another team automatically get the deal and the last prop player is allowed to use the weapons. At that point, it’s completely up to last props player either or not they desire to continue hiding or use weapons to kill different team. Prop players; however, have some other small attributes. They are in 3rd person view and they can look around freely while not moving prop by locking themselves in a particular place. Lastly, prop players cannot drown, meaning they may hide underwater until further notice. The goal of hunter team as mentioned on is to capture all prop players in a map before time runs out. Doing so ends in around in a proper victory for them. At the beginning of each round, hunter team should wait an additional thirty seconds additional for numerous other teams to hide earlier they can begin searching for them.